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MCACert: Corporate

This certificate is suitable for large companies where the number of DSC users exceeds 25. This unique product equips the corporate with a self service module where a person from the corporate has the authority to issue DSC’s to all the users within the corporate without coming back for individual DSC issuance. This is offered as a managed service using the globally renowned VeriSign Managed PKI platform.

The benefits of MCACert Corporate include:
The self-service option provides flexibility and convenience to the corporate and its users as it facilitates the corporate to control the process of issuance internally.
Quicker turnaround times:
As the corporate has full control over DSC issuance, the turnaround and response times to users is quick.
The price of the product is lower than what the corporate would pay for a bulk pack purchase and the low overall costs due to in-house management of issuance makes the offer extremely cost-effective.
Superior Technology:
This service is offered via the VeriSign Managed PKI platform, bringing the best-of-breed technology to the corporate